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Submitted on
July 17, 2013


12,018 (1 today)
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Winners Announced!:

3rd place: :iconscaverle: with 

Kichea by scaverle

This entry spoke strongly to me. How Kichea sees the world and how the world truly is. She is not facing the world, but rather at the future. She contains a look as if she almost pities it. My friends couldn't stop talking how amazing this was and it shows in this entry.

2nd place: :iconmrdomiporta: with

A strong personal favorite of mine. Shows her chill side well when she's not out bounty hunting. Love all the detail and shading done. Plus, she has a look that says she could kill you at any moment while looking sexy doing it. ;)

And the winner is...

:iconartandmartini: with 

Kichea (Contest Entry) by artandmartini

And of course, this masterpiece. The battle scars, lovely background, and small rays of light... all speak clearly of Kichea's character. Kichea is the light, literally that is what her name means, against the night sky. Below is just the same as well as Kichea will go below to the world once again to fight that darkness.

Quotes and some wording stolen from friends :iconthundythundy: and Princess Asaria on Fictionpress (… )

So many tears shed and many would probably feel strongly against my choices, but these are my top 3 entries and I feel proud of it. People who have found, please look at your prize list as you all won them! XD 

The contest is over! If you feel you missed out on this one, I have a second contest open right now! Thank you all and I hope you can stick around for my second one currently going on:


1st Place: 2,000 :points: or Cash equivalent depending on currency 

Full body drawing from :iconjax-chan:

Drawing from :iconjcseng:

Request from :iconbellak123:

Custom Chibi Adoptable from :iconzannlam:

Custom Adoptable from :iconcowcow-adopts:

Chibi drawing from :iconscarydestiny:

2nd Place: 1,000 :points: or Cash equivalent depending on currency

Half-body drawing from :iconjax-chan:

Drawing from :iconjcseng:

Request from :iconbellak123:

Request from :iconangelicwish001:

Free (Pre-Chosen) Adoptable from :iconzannlam:

:llama: from :iconfawntrash: and :iconcowcow-adopts:

Chibi drawing from :iconscarydestiny:

3rd Place: 500 :points: or Cash equivalent depending on currency

Bust/Portrait from :iconjax-chan:

Drawing from :iconjcseng:

Request from :iconbellak123:

:llama: from :iconfawntrash: and :iconcowcow-adopts:

Chibi drawing from :iconscarydestiny:

Honorable Mentions aka I'm sorry you didn't win guys!:

:iconjax-chan: with CE: Kichea by Jax-chan

:iconkeanove: with [Contest Entry] ~ Kichea ~ by keanove

 :iconigagi:with Have A Nice Aerial Dream by IgAgI 

 :iconrani-ki: with |CE| Kichea by Rani-ki

:iconhollowheartlessizsak: with Kichea Contest Entry by hollowheartlessIzsak and Madam Sinopa by hollowheartlessIzsak

 :iconsaki-chan195: with [CE]_Kichea by saki-chan195

 :iconlindako: with CE. Kichea by Lindako 

:iconkou-yuu: with Kichea! (CONTEST) by Kou-Yuu 

Ignore all of this below vvvvvvvvvvv

The character you are to draw is my OC, Kichea!

OC: Kichea by kingofe3

Age: 19

Personality: With her skills, she's as deadly as a lion in a locked cage. She's straight to the point and despite having a non joking manner, she does a funny side; however, rarely laughs or smiles. More of a loner, but can work with others.

Race: Swai (African)

Official Rules:

-Must a member of the #WhoIsKichea group
-Has to be at least a waist up drawing
-Can be of any media including digital, traditional, chibi, realism, pixels, whatever as long as it is art. No literature entries as those are fanfiction.
-It doesn't have to be colored, but more effort in your entry raises your chances of winning!
-Must be in original outfit and design. That's means no animal, Pok�mon, My Little Pony, or whatever other form. She has to stay the same as she is.
-No icons or sprites
-No Yuri or mature content (includes ecchi as well fellas -_-)
-No drawing off of a base or using a "create a model or character" website! This is your artistic ability 100 percent of the way!
-Cannot be vaguely similar to artwork you have already made
-No stealing other people's artwork!
-Artwork I commissioned or requested personally cannot be used as an entry (sorry guys)
-I must be able to fav your entry so I can be sure it is there! Do not post this in Stash or delete it later!
-No other OCs, including your own, can be in your entry.
-This is a contest that requires effort. If you wish to come out on top, do your best effort to do so.
-You do not have to draw her gun, but if you do, I'll add a little extra :points: if you win ;) There is no official design to the gun, so it'll vary between artists. The gun has to be out of the holster btw if you want the extra points.

-Multiple submissions are allowed, but your latest submission will only be counted towards the contest

If you break any of these rules, you will be disqualified.

Update 7 (09/29/13): Hello everyone! Just want to say that there may be a cash option added alongside with the prizes! That's right, I heard from my friend :iconjax-chan: that if you use the commission widget, you can turn those points into cash! 

So basically, if you win, just open a option for me to directly request a commission from dA's commission widget. For example: "Prize for 1st in Kichea contest" 2,000 :points: and I'll order it.

Now, I don't know if this 100 percent works. If it does, then someone note me so I can this as a prize option for you all. Who doesn't want 2,000 :points: turned into cash?! Course, the amount in cash depends on what currency you use. =w=

P.S. If there are people who want me to extend the end date, please inform me!

Update 8 (10/20/13): Hello again! Not much of an update, but just wanted everyone to know I extended this by a single day and gave the voting period in which me and my friends will vote for the top 3 entries.

I'm a pleasantly surprised to see we have over 100 members! :D Remember, if any of you need some extra time, let me know! Don't miss your chance to get this prize money and free art! 

Just to clarify, the money option that I can talking about is NOT by Paypal services, but via dA's earning system with the commission widget. You WILL get cash out of it regardless if you use this, so don't worry about not getting your USD, Euros, or whatever.

People who just want their points, I'll just simply give them to you, so no need to worry about them if you win.

Just make sure you know how the earning system on dA works if you want the cash option. Just thought that needed to be said before people think I'll send them Euros directly or something via Paypal.

Update 11 (11/11/2013): Alright, folks! This isn't really an update on this contest, but rather a second Draw my OC contest that I am holding! That is right, not even after this contest ends, I am holding another!

So basically, if you are interested in joining it, just click the link provided! All the info is there and I hope if you liked this contest, you'll love the other one just as much!


The contest has ended! The voting shall commence now! Thank you all who have participated!

Other OCs (optional):

Here are the other OCs (remember, only after you draw Kichea)!


OC: Shula by kingofe3
Age: 20

Personality: Hell bent on either finding purpose in life or killing Kichea. Has a tendency to point at where she determines her opponents body parts will end up. When the odds are against her, she keeps a cool head and takes the situation calmly.

She has a zero tolerance policy to joking or playing around, even moreso than her rival. When she drinks; however, she is a completely different person. Laughing, joking, and even corporative. Some people actually prefer her drunk. 

Race: Egyptian

OC: Atalanta by kingofe3
Age: 19

Personality: Of the bounty hunters, she is the most carefree. She's bubbly, kind, and sometimes gets lost in her own world. However, she is probably one of the more deadly when she pulls out her hidden blades from her sleeves. She has a terrible obsession with killing and has the power to back it. Even someone as experienced as Kichea admitted she would have a hard time killing her.

She has a tendency to sing in Greek while fighting. Can also fight well with bow & arrow.

Race: Greek


OC: Leveret by kingofe3
Age: 25

Personality: Despite severing a crazed racist king, Leveret manages to keep his head cool and collected. As the royal steward, he keeps the entire castle in check. Even when told to due battle, he stays his usual self. No one has seen him fight before, but it has been said he is quite powerful.

Unlike other Halves, he doesn't treat humans any different.

Race: Rabbit/Human


OC: Riley-Ann by kingofe3
Age: 20

Personality: The only Halve bounty hunter of the main group, she holds her race proudly and doesn't let what other say let her down. This is both a good and bad thing since she is just a beginner.

From time to time, she has a tendency to do things due to her animal traits. She is strong, na�ve, and spirited.

Race: Wolf/Human


OC: Balgaire by kingofe3
Age: ?

Personality: Not much is known about Balgaire's past other than he is the last of his ancient fox kind. He works as a silent assassin for the castle, but is rarely used unless it is for emergencies. He is deadly powerful despite his young appearance.

He is silent, determined, and bold. Many are surprised he'll take time off his assignments to enjoy the scenery at times.

Race: Fox(?)/Human

Guthrie O'Doyle 

OC: Guthrie O'Doyle by kingofe3
Age: 19

Personality: Guthrie is a beginning bounty hunter and an adventurer at heart. Dreaming of wild adventures since childhood, he aimed to be a bounty hunter simply because of the higher pay.

Unlike most humans in his world, he hasn't mastered a element of magic, which renders him weak in fights. However, his intellect proves he can hold his own.

He's adventurous, hard working, and kind. As Kichea's partner, he strives to become just as powerful as she is.

Little Tidbit: Most people see him as a girl because of his feminine face and voice tone. Lots of awkard situations for him since he was kid...

Race: Irish


OC: Atsuko by kingofe3
Age: 20

Personality: The assistant to the calm Leveret and is also his complete opposite in every way possible. Atsuko is not a person to feel negative emotions often no matter what the situation may be. She is constantly excited, loveable, and slightly airheaded. 

Sometimes she will wander off on her own or bring up a topic whenever she is bored. She has a common trait to hug whatever she finds cute, which may also include people.

Race: Dog/Human


OC: Eleonore by kingofe3
Age: 22

Personality: A normal french maid to most, a force to be wreck with for bounty hunters. She is dubbed "The Bounty Killer" due to her high success rate of ridding bounty hunters for the castle.

When she's not hunting for bounty hunters, she's greeting you with a welcoming smile at a normal restaurant. She's lovable, ruthless, and kind to everyone. She is naturally French, so her English and Japanese are near broken.

Race: Cat/Human

Royal Castle OCs (from left to right, top to bottom: Takehiko, Flannery, King Kieran, and Kirsi)

Royal Castle OCs by kingofe3

Since this is a lot to put down (and I'm lazy), please look at the full photo to see their descriptions!


OC: Lahash by kingofe3

Age: ?

Personality: Her origins and identity are unknown to everyone, as well as her purpose on the planet. She is not working on either side of the playing field and is working on her own merits. Oddly, she is discovered to be working as a nun at a church and reappears constantly.

On herself, she is unlike any other. She has various mood swings that can throw anyone off guard. One minute, she is high spirited, cute, and nice. The other, she is strict, direct, and emotionless to others feelings and thoughts.

Race: Angel (?)


OC: Mwezi by kingofe3

Age: ?

Personality: A Nigt princess known by many by name only. She rarely appears in public and many facts about her are unknown to everyone. One thing is known is that King Kieran has his sights on her...

For people who know her, they can say she plays her princess role to a T. However, she does tend to do things out of her royal archetype. She's sincere, rebellious, and kind hearted.

Race: Nigt (Human)


Thurayya (Request) by RenaFreefall

Appearance details: Pink curly hair with really dark pink eyes. (I want to say magenta) Green crown. Her dress is purple with white sparkles.

Personality: Currently working on it. -_-


OC: Keitha by kingofe3

Age: 20

Personality: A ranger in the country Anima. Not much is known about her past. Free spirited, gentle, and kind. She is one with the wind and her dancing is a sight to behold.

Race: Japanese

Madam Sinopa

OC: Madam Sinopa by kingofe3

Age: ?

Personality: The underground ruler of Anima. She controls the country with an iron grip despite the hate towards her kind. She enjoys smoking, drinking, and messing with people's minds and sanity. She is mischievous, playful, and sinister.

Race: Halve (animal side unknown)

Entries so far:

:iconlazergunraptors: with Kichea by LazerGunRaptors :iconmellfirebay: with .:ContestEntry for ~Kingofe3:. by mellfirebay

:iconkyraktos: with  :iconnerodox6: with Kichea by NeroDox6 :iconthe-supreme-overlord: with Kichea entry by THE-Supreme-Overlord :iconarjunm0102: with Kichea - Piece 1 by ArjunM0102

:iconjj4evalol: with Draw My OC Contest Entry by JJ4evalol :iconkou418: with <da:thumb id="387919749"/> :iconanna--loli: with <da:thumb id="389857200"/> :iconingrid1996: with Kichea - Commission by kingofe3/Contest entry - OC by Ingrid1996 :iconakuma-senpai: with {Draw My OC Contest} Kichea by Akuma-Senpai :iconmarshmellow-power: with request Kichea by Marshmellow-Power :iconnanaleesadira26: with

<da:thumb id="394602082"/> :iconthekansta: with Contest Entry for WhoIsKichea by theKANsta :iconjax-chan: with CE: Kichea by Jax-chan :icont3zero: with <da:thumb id="396888699"/> :iconkeanove: with [Contest Entry] ~ Kichea ~ by keanove :iconout-of-shivs: with <da:thumb id="395426961"/>
:icondeifanlove: with OC Kichea Entry by deifanlove :iconphearo: with Kichea (Draw My OC Contest) by Phearo :iconlindako: with CE. Kichea by Lindako :iconscaverle: with Kichea by scaverle :iconknoire: with Kichea by knoire :icondotintheparadox: with Kichea Rage by DotintheParadox :iconlucky7seven: with <da:thumb id="404963427"/> :iconstueno: with CE - Kichea by Stueno :iconmirichan7: with Kichea ~ Contest Entry by Mirichan7 :icondemonic-fantasy: with Contest Entry by Demonic-Fantasy :iconkou-yuu: with Kichea! (CONTEST) by Kou-Yuu :iconcoorojaden: with   :iconyurikochan3: with .:Kichea:. - contest entry by YurikoChan3 :iconigagi: with Have A Nice Aerial Dream by IgAgI :iconrika-dono: with contest entry by rika-dono :iconangie-jagger: with <da:thumb id="408652247"/> :iconbnddigis: with Kichea by BndDigis :iconliel08: with Draw my OC entry (#Whoiskichea) by liel08 :iconsaki-chan195: with [CE]_Kichea by saki-chan195 :iconmrdomiporta: with <da:thumb id="410786194"/> :iconartandmartini: with Kichea (Contest Entry) by artandmartini :iconkttheicewolf: with entries:
Kichea by KTtheIceWolf :iconk-ibun: with <da:thumb id="413496118"/> :iconrani-ki: with |CE| Kichea by Rani-ki

Double Entries:
:iconhollowheartlessizsak: with Kichea Contest Entry by hollowheartlessIzsak and Madam Sinopa by hollowheartlessIzsak
:iconciao-7: with Kichea - kingofe3's ''Draw my OC'' contest entry by ciao-7 and CE: Atsuko by ciao-7

:iconpikappii: with #who is kichea contest entry by Pikappii and Mwezi by Pikappii
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