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Deadline: February 15th, 2016


1st place: $15 USD or 1,200 Points 
A llama from :iconkingofe3:
A digital chibi drawing from :icontashewa:
A full body, half-body, face-shot, or chibi drawing (no background) and llama from :iconnyanzilla:
A full body drawing from :iconwolv31000:
A full body drawing from :iconelle4444:

2nd place: $10 USD or 800 Points
A llama from :iconkingofe3:
A half-body, face-shot, or chibi drawing (no background) and llama from :iconnyanzilla:
A waist up drawing from :iconwolv31000:
A headshot drawing from :iconelle4444:

3rd place: $5 USD or 400 Points
A llama from :iconkingofe3: 
A face-shot or chibi drawing (no background) and llama from :iconnyanzilla:
A headshot drawing from :iconwolv31000:
An icon from :iconelle4444:

Please note that the cash is via Paypal services. I will send the cash with the Pay for Goods or Services function. If you wish to obtain the points via dA's earnings system, just make a slot available with the Commission Widget with my name on it so I can give you the points from there. 

I am also accepting prize donations! If you donate, I shall make a section to highlight your donation and generosity!

Featured Donates aka Wonderful People:



Akasuki Humiya

.:COMMISSION:. Akasuki Humiya by J10-E-2[Comm] Akasuki Humiya by xPoisonsugarKingofe3 By Popyfriend D7n8yr3 By Kingofe3-d8kw4eq by kingofe3
Age: 20
Personality: On a common level, she can be friendly despite her intimidating eyes. She's a good person to others and is not below enough to tell her opinion. Her determined nature and strong will pushes her to complete challenges.
However, she can be unreasonable, overactive, and sensitive towards insults to her person (small chest size) and friends if you manage to get under skin. She has a winning complex, thus can be overconfident at times, but knows how to stay vigilant. Outside of the game, she's a college student on break.
Class: Soldier
Likes & Hobbies: MMOs, manga, challenges
Dislikes: Grinding, Losing, Spectrum Knight, uncooperative people
Favorite clothing style/outfit: Open jackets and jeans

Spectrum Knight

.:COMMISSION:. Spectrum Knight by J10-E-2Commission - Kingofe3 by KaishaScireKingofe3 oc Spectrum Knight COMMISSION by Nyanzilla
Age: 21
Personality: A mysterious gamer with a love to cosplay. As the strongest player in the game, she sees herself as the heroine much to the dismay of others. Competitive and sometimes overly confident in her abilities. Loves to play around and take her time, somewhat lazy, but is a good team member when needed to be. Outside of the game, she lives alone in a apartment.
Class: Spectrum Knight
Likes & Hobbies: Retro video games, competition, Akasuki, cosplaying
Dislikes: Bullying, being alone, her armor at times
Favorite clothing style/outfit: Anything, but loves short skirts

Euno Yasahiro

Euno Yasahiro by magic16879Untitled Drawing by kingofe3Commission Kingofe3 By Lottibaskerville98-d7k28d by kingofe3
Age: 21
Personality: Akasuki and Moriko's childhood friend. A geek who has been playing games were since he could remember. Caring to a fault, sometimes playing the role of leader even when asked not to. Has a knack of remembering small details. Outside of the game, he's a college student on break.
Class: Mage
Likes & Hobbies: Video games, Sports, Hardworking people
Dislikes: Hospitals, Laziness
Favorite clothing style/outfit: General t-shirt and pants

Moriko Kotone

PC: Moriko Kotone by Nigai-Sun[1#R] Moriko Kotone by xPoisonsugar
Age: 20
Personality: A lover of animals, which prompts people to call her a "furry". Mostly keeps to herself, though willing to get out of her comfort zone for her friends' sake. Generally is only interested in playing Chromatic World so she could hang around her friends. Outside of the game, she's a college student on break.
Class: Beast Tamer
Likes & Hobbies: Animals, Vegetables, helping others
Dislikes: Being called a furry, Video games, Meat, animal abuse
Favorite clothing style/outfit: Bohemian

Tamotsu Hachiman

Tamotsu Hachiman by magic16879Untitled Drawing by kingofe3Commission : Tamotsu Hachiman by Kitsune-09
Age: 32
Personality: A seasoned fighter with a heart of gold and a literal golden arm. Despite not being a gamer, he tries to connect with others in Chromatic World, but usually fails due his goofy, perverse nature. He's a man of his word and will strive to proof it. Outside of the game, he works as a boxing instructor and is a father.
Class: Fighter
Likes & Hobbies: Boxing, Women, his son
Dislikes: Waiting, Complicated technology, salty food
Favorite clothing style/outfit: Tank top

Yumi Hasegawa

Wanna some pocky? by SakuraYagami
Age: 20
Personality: Akasuki's roommate. Straight forward, kind, and helpful. Despite coming from an upper class family, she doesn't hold much interest in expensive possessions and the like. Generally leaves Akasuki to her own devices, but occasionally tries to connect with her. 
Likes & Hobbies: Pocky, bathes
Dislikes: Interviews
Favorite clothing style/outfit: Shorts

Takara Sahiye

Request for kingofe3 by KishoKisho
Age: 68
Personality: President and CEO of Gamio! and the creator of Chromatic World. An elderly woman who hates disrespect above all else, but has a special place in her black heart against any kind of hackers. Cold, merciless, and demanding. Believes Spectrum Knight is the key for all of her goals.
Likes & Hobbies: Chromatic World, smoking, working
Dislikes: Useless people, disrespect, hackers
Favorite clothing style/outfit: Suits

Character relationship chart & Breast size chart:…
Height chart:…

I made a character poll here below so you guys can vote for your favorite character. There's nothing much to it, just thought it would be fun.


The story of these characters are from is named Beta. The story can be read on Fictionpress here:…

Summary: Upon the release of the Virtual Reality MMORPG, Chromatic World, players were shocked to discover a vast world, new even to the open beta testers. Akasuki Humiya and her party set out to explore this world and discover its secrets, including the identity of the mysterious "Spectrum Knight". Unknown to everyone however, the game would set stage for a shift in the real world. 

Official rules:

-You do not have to ask to join, everyone is allowed to enter! Please mention my name in the description in your entry so I may find it. I will also fav every single entry under the Beta Contest Entries folder in my favorites. Please do not post them in Stash or delete them later!

-Any media can be used (digital, traditional, realism, pixels, etc.) as long as it is art. No literature/written entries will be accepted.

-Has to be at least a waist up drawing. Chibis are accepted.

-You can draw one or more characters together in the same drawing. Multiple entries are also accepted, though only one of your entries can win a place.

-Your entry doesn't have to be colored, but more effort in your entry raises your chances of winning!

-Must be in original design (hairstyle, hair color, eye color, age, etc.). That's means no animal, Pokemon, My Little Pony, or whatever any other form that is not human (this includes kemonomimis except for Moriko due to her form changing powers, but only ears, tails, feet, hands). 

-You are allowed to draw the characters in casual clothing/other outfits as long as the outfit is not from known fiction (i.e. Naruto, One Piece, Bleach, Sword Art Online etc.).

-No icons or small sprites

-No Yaoi or mature content. Yuri is highly encouraged and ecchi content is fine. Light Yaoi is fine as long as there is no kissing or inappropriate touching. 

-Character shipping is allowed (aka ship away fangirls—and guys if you are there!) 

-No drawing off of a base, tracing over any artwork, or using a "create a model or character" website! This is your artistic ability 100 percent of the way!

-Artwork I commissioned or requested personally cannot be used as an entry (sorry guys)

-No other OCs outside of mine can be in your entry, only the ones in this journal. You can't use yours or put in any known fiction and non fiction characters.

-This is a contest that requires effort. If you wish to come out on top, do your best effort to do so. I'll be looking for works that show off the character's personality, likes, and interests. As well as entries that show off presentation, uniqueness, and use of color.


All entries can be found here:…

If your entry is not here, then please notify me and check the contest rules. Also, if you have any questions, please comment or note me!

Making journals, polls, and advertising about this contest will do lots of wonders! Good luck and have fun! 
Edit: The campaign has now reached the 1.4 million mark! It only needs less than 100k to go to be funded! Help support these last three days!

Made by the creators of Skullgirls, this amazing looking project has a long way to go before it gets funded. Indivisible is an 2D RPG inspired by classics like Valkyrie Profile and Super Metroid. If you are wondering how this title plays, there is a free prototype you can download on the campaign page. The title is set to release on PS4, Xbox One, Windows, Linux, and Mac if it gets funded.

You don't have to create an Indiegogo account to contribute and you can pay via credit card or Paypal.

Update: PlayStation 4 demo out now!!/en-us…
In Europe as well:!/pt-pt…

Update 2: Indivisible to feature indie guest stars if funded

Annie from Skullgirls
Calibretto from Battle Chasers
The Drifter from Hyper Light Drifter
Juan from Guacamelee
Lea from Curses N' Chaos
Shovel Knight from Shovel Knight
Zackasaurus from Super Time Force Ultra

"Lab Zero CEO Peter Bartholow said the developer will adapt each character's abilities and personalities into Indivisible's battle system. They hope to announce additional guest characters in the future."…

Update 3: Shantae joins the playable indie roster!…

Update 4: Red from Transistor joins as the final crossover character!…
Pretty much what the title says. Place your commission info below or note me if you are interested. Anime style/humans only.
That time again, just place your commission info below or note me if you are interested. Anime style/humans only. 

Do not want: Animals, Strange fetishes (you know what I'm talking about), Gore, Male only
I have a basic outline for how I want my OC to look like (from pictures and detailed descriptions), but since I can't draw I need someone to draw it for me. So I'm looking for someone to draw this character design out for me. Just put your commission info below so I may consider you. I prefer anime style/human commissions, so no animals only.


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King of Yuri
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I like to read stories, write them, and play video games!
I'm also on Fictionpress and Fanfiction, so make sure you check out my own stories!

kingofe3 Stamp by LaraLeeL :thumb408834916: CeciliaMadison (Requested) by Ahrrhd Request - Kingofe3 by Nata-senpai Commission: Asa Mikami and Lola Minagami by Tamakichi pts commish-kingofe3 by RottenVelvet

Kill La Kill Stamp by wow1076KlK: Ryuko x Mako Stamp by StampillaDiChocolatMako Mankanshoku, Stamp by conexionmanga
Best kind of thanks is points and artwork! =w=/

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