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I have a basic outline for how I want my OC to look like (from pictures and detailed descriptions), but since I can't draw I need someone to draw it for me. So I'm looking for someone to draw this character design out for me. Just put your commission info below so I may consider you. I prefer anime style/human commissions, so no animals only.
Please put your commission info below so I may consider commissioning you. I prefer anime style/human commissions, so no animals only.
Or just willing to do commissions involving drawing characters in swimsuits? It's still summer so I would like a few swimsuit commissions done.

I prefer humans and anime/manga style. Just leave your commission info down below.
Deadline: October 31st, 2015


1st place: $15 USD or 1,200 :points: 
A llama from :iconkingofe3:
One full body portrait (Background and shading included), One simply animated full body portrait, & Two chibis 
from :iconpuppytypewriter:
Fullbody/Waist-up with BG from :iconendeavoura:
Fullbody/Chibi/Half-Body from :iconmidopo:
A bust shot from :iconyoonjaee:
A drawing from :iconquinnreikon:

2nd place: $10 USD or 800 :points:
A llama from :iconkingofe3:
One full body portrait (Background included) & One chibi from :iconpuppytypewriter:
Portrait drawing from :iconendeavoura:
Portrait drawing from :iconmidopo:

3rd place: $5 USD or 400 :points:
A llama from :iconkingofe3: 
One chibi from :iconpuppytypewriter:

Please note that the cash is via Paypal services. I will send the cash with the Pay for Goods or Services function. If you wish to obtain the points via dA's earnings system, just make a slot available with the Commission Widget with my name on it so I can give you the points from there. 

I am also accepting prize donations! If you donate, I shall make a section to highlight your donation and generosity!

Featured Donates aka Wonderful People:



Asa Mikami
Asa Mikami by RKMR-xpts commish-kingofe3 by RottenVelvetAsa Mikami + friends~ [cm] by Saracaa
Alternate costume: H2 COM: Pirate Asa [Updated] by Jax-chan 
Age: 16
Personality: Twin sister of Grant Mikami, though acts more like the older sibling. She's mostly a responsible person and likeable to others, but has a short temper which can make her have poor judgments at times. Well educated and determined, can be a nag with good intentions. 
Likes & Hobbies: Reading, Chewing ice cubes, Working
Dislikes: Anyone who messes with her brother, heat, wasting time
Powers: Ice Manipulation

Grant Mikami
Request - Grant Mikami by eddie3399pts commish-kingofe3 by RottenVelvet
Age: 16
Personality: Twin brother of Asa Mikami. An otaku through and through, very critical about latest anime/manga/video games. Not very sociable around others (especially girls), a bit brash in how he speaks. Despite hating being treated like a little brother, he cares a lot about his sister. Secretly loves pop idols, though is embarrassed to admit it.
Likes & Hobbies: Anime/Manga/Video Games, Pop Idols, Writing
Dislikes: Politics, feeling weak, people touching his ahoge, Asa's boyfriend
Powers: None
Additional Info: Has a large scar across his chest

Lola Minagami

Request for kingofe3 by IzumiJunKingofe3 by KuruumiLola By Saracaa-d8zqq5j by kingofe3
Alternate costume: Lola's Sentai suit by kingofe3kingofe3 - Lola Minagami png by Haru-mon
Age: 16
Personality: A quiet, petite girl with a sharp tongue. Cares deeply for her friends even if she doesn't show it through her emotions. Is capable of smiling, though only when something amuses her or when she teases Grant with her cuteness. 
Likes & Hobbies: Cute dresses, teasing Grant, camping, Superheroes/Sentai shows
Dislikes: Holding a grudge, being pitied/helped because of her height, waking up early
Powers: Summoning a black broadsword

Momo Shibaki
Momo- Commission by chikorita85Commish 110 By A-Hyue by kingofe3
Age: 17
Personality: Former childhood friend of Asa and Grant. A hotheaded bombshell with an assertive flair. Carries herself with a mature aurora, but can be quite childish, especially when angered. Has trouble getting along with Grant as she used to have a crush on him.
Likes & Hobbies: Shooting, watching movies, grooming hair
Dislikes: Being called Momo, prefers last name. Being cuddled/teased (Asa does this for fun).
Powers: Summoning dual red pistols and fire manipulation 

 -Guardian: Gale, Mistress of the Wind
Gale by Vampiressilence by kingofe3Gale by Kiiroikat by kingofe3
Age: Unknown, physically appears to be in early 20s
Personality: Momo's fateful Guardian. A young, graceful woman who loves music and dancing. She treats Momo with the utmost respect, but occasionally teases her like an older sister. Though she treats everyone in a kind manner, she isn't afraid to state her opinion and hates being underestimated. Her closeness to her Momo may cause others to think she likes her as more than a partner, which is not far from the truth. Doesn't understand modern culture.
Likes & Hobbies: Momo, dancing, music
Dislikes: Drinking, overly polite men, provocative dancing
Powers: Wind manipulation

Mathys Bellrock

:commission: Kingofe3 by AlilzMathys Bellrock by CursesteinMathys by Kiiroikat by kingofe3
Age: 17
Personality: Generally comes across as a scary gangster, but tries too hard to be a bad boy that he's an outcast among his peers. Underneath his attention seeking nature, he's actually a really chill guy and is the smartest student in school. Can be a jerk sometimes. Acts as Grant's senior. Has a hidden fear of (large) breast.
Likes & Hobbies: Lola, Combat, Science
Dislikes: Smoking, despite his constant usage. Thugs. Money. Large breast.
Powers: None

Tina Wilson

Request: Tina Wilson by BrenCartoonsIlustracio n sin ti tulo by kingofe3
Age: 28
Personality: Asa, Grant, and Lola's homeroom teacher. A laidback woman who occasionally comes off as unreliable or lazy. As an older Beta, she makes sure future Betas can live a life without being misguided. Most of her jokes are horrible. Is a history nerd. 
Likes & Hobbies: Sleeping, Cars, Ice Cream, History nerd
Dislikes: Contacts, Link Webster, Feeling old
Powers: Heighten senses

Link Webster
Commission For Kingofe3: Linke and Tina by TamakichiLink Webster by AraceliEstrellaEme
Age: 25
Personality: A frightening, mysterious man. Under his calm demeanor hides a serial killer who wants power above all else. Strong believer of Social Darwinism. Works as a teacher for some reason. He and Tina share a strange past. 
Likes & Hobbies: Yellow. Studying people. Alcohol.
Dislikes: Weakness. Candy. 
Powers: Enhanced speed and strength

Bathsheba Saskia
Bathsheba Kingofe3 By Kaiyo Chi-d8mohdw by kingofe3[Request] Bathsheba Saskia by Nanamiel

Age: 30
Personality: This professional looking principal is close to getting on someone's watch list, as she loves high school boys. She manages to hide her affection well, but her best friend Tina Wilson knows all too well. As the principal of the school, she does her job with little flaw and is a role model for young girls and teachers alike. Not very good with dealing with boys, acts a bit shy towards them. Keeps an eye on Grant and Mathys, but Tina keeps her away as much as possible. 
Likes & Hobbies: High school boys. Tea. 
Dislikes: Skimpy clothing. Fighting. 
Powers: Cancelling out powers

Lily Hood
Comission  Kingofe3 By Komori16-d8pet2u by kingofe3Lily Hood by na-o-milily hood by lunabell360
Age: Unknown, physically looks to be around early 20s
Personality: A cunning witch with a high winning complexion and superiority attitude. Believes everyone is under her and people stronger than her can be used as tools to her plans. Cares for no one but herself, but if she gains a small attachment with someone, she will generally feel less antagonistic towards them.
Manipulative, mischievous, intelligent, and has a wicked sense of humor. Keeps serious and minor grudges. Curses with a British tongue.
Likes & Hobbies: Her broom. Witchcraft, Wiccan traditions and rituals. Acts against Humanity.
Frogs, bats, spiders
Dislikes: Humans. Damage done to her broom. Halloween. Modern view of witches (pointy hats and the like). Being called old.

Vera Landowska
Vera Landowska Correct By Kkage San-d8urhu6 by kingofe3.: C: kingofe3 :. by Churubou

Age: 19
Personality: Tries to act serious and in charge, but most people let her unique accent lessen how they treat her. Mostly uncooperative and a bit rude, though recongizes authority and respects people who can stand up for themselves. One of her greatest strengths is her intelligence and knowledge of multiple languages. Her greatest weakness is control over her lust for life essence (which is not limited to blood), which she considers herself a "delicate lady who must never resort to temptation". Works with Gelicia as a "supernatural hunter".
Likes & Hobbies: Strawberries, her homeland in Russia, learning about different cultures
Dislikes: Supernatural activities, Lily Hood, stereotyping

Powers: Superhuman condition, flight, slight psychokinesis and pyrokinesis

Gelicia Royal
Gelicia Royal by Layerth by kingofe3Commission:: Gelicia by OtakuPup

Age: 19
Personality: Quite nonchalant, sort of easy to talk to despite her strange appearance. More of an indoors person. Can use wrapping on her body to attack like appendages. Unfortunately, she is unable to wear clothes over her bandages as they would get in the way (she can take them off and then wear clothes afterward). She tends to be alone or with her partner Vera. As an American, she has trouble communicating with others that speak different languages and relies on Vera to speak for her. Works as a "supernatural hunter".
Likes & Hobbies: Her mouth mask, relaxing, bowling, Vera 
Dislikes: Buying more bandages, not wearing clothes, Lily Hood 

Powers: Superhuman condition, wrapping appendages

Azami Toda
Azami Toda by LottiBaskerville97 by kingofe3 Kingofe3's Commission (Headshot) Azami by KiyomizuKimiko
4531 by Pyoki
Age: 16
Personality: A timid girl who has a deep passion for video games and electronics. She mostly wishes to get along with others and prefers to handle situations in the lightest, safest manner possible. A bit gullible and easy to fool, despite being quite smart. Sweet nature can lead to some unwanted situations, unintentionally attracting the hearts of others (guys and girls alike). Not good at standing up for herself. Listens to her twin sister, Ayame, without much question.
Likes: Technology, her sister & boyfriend, Grant, mathematics
Dislikes: Physical education, racing games, violence

Occupation: Student Council Treasurer
Powers: Technology manipulation

Ayame Toda
32 by Pyoki
Age: 16
Personality: A genius with a snobbish demeanor and twin sister of Azami. Dislikes people in general, but hates those who waste time and are incompetent. If she sees someone with potential, she'll act a little more friendly towards them. Rather humorless and is always seen working or studying. Deemed as the "evil twin" by others and is rumored to be a fan of erotic novels.
Likes: Hard working people, Azami, Student Council Vice President, reading
Dislikes: Lazy people, Grant Mikami, perverts, sports

Occupation: Student Council Secretary 
Powers: Tracking teleportation

Leala Cadhla
OC: Leala Cadhla by kingofe3Leala Cadhla by Cursestein by kingofe3Kingofe3 Sketch Com Cull Coloured By Jouori-d98hsc by kingofe3
Age: 17
Personality: Mathys' personal maid and old childhood friend. After her mother's death, she took up her job to look after the Bellrock household. Her unusually calm nature can be unsettling to some, but she always treats others in an orderly manner. Has problems getting along with anyone else besides Mathys, whom she cares for above all else. A bit of a closet pervert.
Likes: Mathys, ballroom dancing, her job
Dislikes: Other maids, being alone, anyone rude to her master

Character relationship chart & Breast size chart:…

Height chart:…

I made a character poll here below so you guys can vote for your favorite character. There's nothing much to it, just thought it would be fun.


The story of these characters are from is named Beta. The story can be read on Fictionpress here:…

Summary: Twins, Asa and Grant Mikami had always lived normal lives until one day they were saved by a mysterious man. Since then, their lives have turned upside down as they walk into the vast world of Betas.

Official rules:

-You do not have to ask to join, everyone is allowed to enter! Please mention my name in the description in your entry so I may find it. I will also fav every single entry under the Beta Contest Entries folder in my favorites. Please do not post them in Stash or delete them later!

-Any media can be used (digital, traditional, realism, pixels, etc.) as long as it is art. No literature/written entries will be accepted.

-Has to be at least a waist up drawing. Chibis are accepted.

-You can draw one or more characters together in the same drawing. Multiple entries are also accepted, though only one of your entries can win a place.

-Your entry doesn't have to be colored, but more effort in your entry raises your chances of winning!

-Must be in original design (hairstyle, hair color, eye color, age, etc.). That's means no animal, Pokemon, My Little Pony, or whatever any other form that is not human (this includes kemonomimis). 

-You are allowed to draw the characters in other outfits as long as the outfit is not from known fiction (i.e. Naruto, One Piece, Bleach, etc.).

-No icons or small sprites

-No Yaoi or mature content. I'm fine with Yuri and ecchi content. Light Yaoi is fine as long as there is no kissing or inappropriate touching. 

-Character shipping is allowed (aka ship away fangirls—and guys if you are there!) 

-No drawing off of a base, tracing over any artwork, or using a "create a model or character" website! This is your artistic ability 100 percent of the way!

-Artwork I commissioned or requested personally cannot be used as an entry (sorry guys)

-No other OCs outside of mine can be in your entry, only the ones in this journal. You can't use yours or put in any known fiction and non fiction characters.

-This is a contest that requires effort. If you wish to come out on top, do your best effort to do so. I'll be looking for works that show off the character's personality, likes, and interests. As well as entries that show off presentation, uniqueness, and use of color.


All entires can be found here:…

If your entry is not here, then please notify me and check the contest rules. Also, if you have any questions, please comment or note me!

Making journals, polls, and advertising about this contest will do lots of wonders! Good luck and have fun! 


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King of Yuri
United States
I like to read stories, write them, and play video games!
I'm also on Fictionpress and Fanfiction, so make sure you check out my own stories!

kingofe3 Stamp by LaraLeeL :thumb408834916: CeciliaMadison (Requested) by Ahrrhd Request - Kingofe3 by Nata-senpai Commission: Asa Mikami and Lola Minagami by Tamakichi pts commish-kingofe3 by RottenVelvet

Kill La Kill Stamp by wow1076KlK: Ryuko x Mako Stamp by StampillaDiChocolatMako Mankanshoku, Stamp by conexionmanga
Best kind of thanks is points and artwork! =w=/

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