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Anyone have an opinion on when I should start my third contest? I want to do it at a time when (a good amount of) people aren't preparing for finals in college and the like. So maybe May? June? What do you think is a good time?
OC: Chosovi by kingofe3
OC: Chosovi
Bought as an adoptable a very long time ago from :iconlindako:

Character name: Chosovi

Age: ???

Race: Human/Bird

Personality: A desert witch working under Madam Sinopa. Makes potions and poisons of all kinds with little to no failure. Spends most of her time reading and/or working, so she has little tolerance for nonsense or distractions. As the desert is not her natural habitat, she survives by eating fruit and sometimes insects. 

Story: Kichea, The Forbidden One

You can read the prologue here:

or on Fictionpress:…

Reviews and thoughts are most appreciated! 
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Vote for Shantae in Smash Bros! by kingofe3
Vote for Shantae in Smash Bros!
After careful consideration for my vote for who should appear next as DLC for Super Smash Bros for Wii U/3DS, I finally gave a vote to this last standing character. Many consider her to just be another popular indie character that people won't shut up about including into the game, but I think Shantae is much different from those other characters and I have a few reasons why she would be a great addition to the roster.

1. Nintendo history
Shantae's first game was on the Gameboy Color in 2002. It unfortunately was left unnoticed due to the arrival of the Gameboy Advance, but it was highly praised among gamers and critics, becoming a cult classic for the system. After many years, the game finally received a sequel in 2010 with Shantae: Risky's Revenge for the DSiWare service. Her third game, Shantae and the Pirate's Curse, has recently launched exclusively on the eShop for both the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U. Also to mention, her next game, Shantae: Half-Genie Hero will be releasing on multiple platforms, including the Wii U.

Since her debut, all of Shantae games have appeared on Nintendo platforms.

2. Moveset Extravaganza!
For those wondering what Shantae can do, her games mostly consist of platforming ala Metroidvania. To move on to new areas, Shantae has to defeat enemies by whipping her ponytail at them or learning new abilities and acquiring items. Some of her abilities involve transformation via belly dancing, turning her into a monkey (to climb and maneuver through small corridors), harpy (for flight), elephant (for crushing and smashing through boulders), etc. She can also learn magic (like fire).

In the Pirate's Curse, her genie magic is gone, so she uses pirate gear to advance. Pistols, scimitars, and cannons.

Overall, throughout the course of three games, she has a massive variety to choose from.

3. Character
Shantae is a kind, yet sometimes ill-tempered. She works tirelessly to protect her home and friends from pirates and the like. In the first game, she is shy and afraid the citizens would dislike her because of her status as a half-genie. As the game progresses, she begins to overcome her fear and is glad that the townsfolk still accept her. She's not a blank state as her games contain as good amount of humor.

4. Voice Actor
Christina Vee, that is all.

Well, that was a bit longer than I originally thought, but I hope Shantae is included in Smash. I know most would vote for long lasting Nintendo characters such as King K. Rool, but I still think Shantae would be a great choice.

You can vote here for your Smash character:
For America
For Europe
For Japan

Thanks for reading! The image above comes directly from the developers of Wayforward, who are really supporting the idea!
Anyone have an opinion on when I should start my third contest? I want to do it at a time when (a good amount of) people aren't preparing for finals in college and the like. So maybe May? June? What do you think is a good time?
OTA (offer to adopt)s: Offer to Adopt 4 by kingofe3Offer to Adopt 3: Lion Archer Boy by kingofe3

20 point: 20 point Adoptable by kingofe3

100 point: 100 Point Adoptable (Open) by kingofe3
I've been thinking about doing another contest like my previous two before Draw my OC contest! [Winners Announced!!!]Winners Announced!:
3rd place: :iconscaverle: with 

This entry spoke strongly to me. How Kichea sees the world and how the world truly is. She is not facing the world, but rather at the future. She contains a look as if she almost pities it. My friends couldn't stop talking how amazing this was and it shows in this entry.
2nd place: :iconmrdomiporta: with

A strong personal favorite of mine. Shows her chill side well when she's not out bounty hunting. Love all the detail and shading done. Plus, she has a look that says she could kill you at any moment while looking sexy doing it. ;)
And the winner is...
:iconartandmartini: with 

And of course, this masterpiece. The battle scars, lovely background, and small rays of light... all speak clearly of Kichea's character. Kichea is the light, literally that is what her name means,
  Second Draw my OC contest! (Winners Announced!!!)Edit: This contest has ended at this point in time! Thank you all participants for entering and putting all the hard work and effort into your works! :D
Here are the winners of this contest! You all have done a wonderful job and I'm sad I couldn't pick more people to win! ;w;
One character entry winners:
1st: :iconxangelfeatherx:

My favorite piece overall. How they done this was so unique. Shows Cint's cute and yandere in a gif format. This piece is wonderfully done in concept and visuals. I would give you a higher prize amount if I could! ;A;
2nd: :iconcyclorama9g:

When I saw this, I was amazed how by how well the artist drew Rose's Problem. A very great job in my opinion!
3rd: :icontanteiblack:

The gothic dress and the hint of strawberry do nice to show the character's likes. ^^
Two characters entry winners:
1st: :iconchittandaeru:
. Though this time, I've been thinking it might be centered around my magical girl characters since a majority of them have been drawn (expect for one that I am hoping gets done soon). This time around the prizes will be simplified and not spread out as much (i.e. Three places based on amount of characters drawn), something like I did for my first contest though I still want to award people for drawing more than one character.

As for when, maybe when I receive another check or a large amount of money.
If you are alright with drawing ecchi, please leave your commission prices below in the comment section or note me for a private chat.

Note: Mostly looking for an anime/manga artstyle. Will pay with either points or Paypal.

Expectations are set to drawings with binikis, yuri, pantyshots, and/or topless but not bare to see (depends). I believe this is pretty fair.…

“The definitive answer is that Sheik is a woman — simply Zelda in a different outfit.”


OC: Jofiel, the Archangel of Beauty by kingofe3
Gift: Ophelia by kingofe3
A chibi drawing of your OC or anime character.


King of Yuri
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kingofe3 Stamp by LinaLeeL :thumb408834916: CeciliaMadison (Requested) by Ahrrhd Request - Kingofe3 by Nata-senpai Commission: Asa Mikami and Lola Minagami by Tamakichi pts commish-kingofe3 by RottenVelvet

Kill La Kill Stamp by wow1076KlK: Ryuko x Mako Stamp by StampillaDiChocolatMako Mankanshoku, Stamp by conexionmanga
Best kind of thanks is points and artwork! =w=/

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Request for kingofe3 : Shani Miyako
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